The Climate Emergency

COP26 The Time for Action is Now

Ahead of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP26), Privilege Finance has published a document with everything you need to know about COP26 and what we want to see at the conference.

Through this document, we want to make people aware of the COP26 goals, the impact of Covid-19, the importance of renewable energy and our aspirations for a greener future.

Read our “COP26 – The Time for Action is Now” document here

2020 progress update

Privilege Finance remain committed to creating a sustainable future and moving towards a true circular economy. Energy from waste technologies are going to be integral to making this happen.

Our 2020 progress update on the manifesto for renewable energy from waste shares insight on how both industry specific changes and the global pandemic are impacting the sector, and outlines what must still be achieved to reach 2050 net zero carbon targets.

Read our manifesto progress update


Why do we need a manifesto for renewable energy from waste?

Privilege Finance has an aspiration for the UK to be totally energy self-sufficient, send zero food waste to landfill, and exceed its carbon reduction targets.

We believe that renewable energy plays a significant role in making this happen, and we want to be part of this journey.

Through this manifesto, we want to make people aware of the vital role energy from waste plays in achieving these goals; highlight the barriers to making this happen, and garner support and provide solutions to overcome these challenges.

Read our manifesto

SCOPE: The Privilege Process


Share your plans with us, tell us where you’ve got to and the financial input you need.


Following due diligence, we will consider the best finance offering tailored to your individual project and its complexity

On Time

Our programme management team will support your project team to get your project operational, on time and to budget


We have experts who can guide you the through commissioning and optimisation of your projects to get the most out of your investment


Upon completion, we will support you through your entire journey with us

News & Views

Privilege Eye

Privilege Finance Reacts to the Labour Party Abandonment of £28 Billion Green Investment Pledge

Privilege Finance, a specialist in anaerobic digestion (AD) and green energy funding, has responded to Labour's decision to abandon its £28 billion investment plan for green initiatives, marking a significant policy reversal.

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Asset Finance

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  • Lease back
  • Re-financing

Privilege Events

Our stand has been awarded at the World Biogas Expo!

Privilege Finance and Eco Verde Energy (EVE) has been awarded a Net Zero classification at the World Biogas Expo.

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