Quit indulging in ‘soundbite politics’

A response to Tory leadership race: Where do candidates stand on net zero goal? By Chris Winward, CEO at Privilege Finance

When I read the recent BBC article on where the Tory candidates stand on net zero, I was shocked that none of the candidates demonstrated an understanding of what is needed to put a stop to greenhouse gas emissions, or even an understanding of why reaching net zero in as short a time as possible is essential. Liz Truss and Penny Mordaunt both intend to cut the green levy, while Kemi Badenoch’s description of net zero policies as ‘unilateral economic disarmament’ is utterly concerning.

There is not time to indulge in ‘soundbite politics’ in relation to the climate crisis. The Tory leadership candidates must be upfront about what they intend to do to avert the climate crisis, even if some actions may be perceived as unpalatable.

The UK government must be led by someone who is prepared to be brave in their approach to tackling the climate crisis. Net zero must be fired back up to the top of the agenda, and it needs to stay there, until such a time when we are genuinely on track to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve the net zero target.

The implementation of strategies to reduce emissions and reach net zero has the potential to create jobs, boost the economy and reduce energy bills. It is completely possible for each community in the UK to have its own source of renewable energy generation. This would enable communities to influence their own energy prices, improve energy security and, most importantly, ditch fossil fuels. A leader with a vision that goes beyond what will get them elected will be needed to accelerate the transition to a net zero economy.

Chris Windward, CEO of Privilege Finance