Climate change reduction funder welcomes COP26 agenda

A focus on finance and energy in the schedule for the 26th Climate Change Conference (COP26), which was announced in July, will bring direct benefit to the renewable energy sector.

According to Chris Winward, chief commercial officer at climate change reduction funder, Privilege Finance, prioritising energy and finance needs at COP26, will give the industry a platform and the recognition it needs as a fundamental part of the global initiative to tackle climate change.

“Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through renewable energy systems will have a positive impact on the world’s climate position,” he says.

“Our leaders need to be brave enough to set appropriately ambitious targets at COP26, to pave the way to global achievement of net zero emissions by 2050. The government will then need to put the correct policies in place to support achievement of those targets.  The policies need to highlight the need for balanced renewable energy adoption across several technologies as there is not a one-size fits all solution.  We call for everyone to challenge our leaders to make the right decisions – #bebraveonclimatechange.”

Privilege Finance has provided funding to power over one million UK houses using green energy. The company offers financial support for renewable energy schemes such as anaerobic digesters and energy from waste projects, all of which provide solutions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Carbon reducing projects cannot be executed without financial resources, therefore highlighting the significance of financial institutions and the role they play in supporting climate change measures is paramount,” explains Mr Winward.

“My hope is that decisions made at COP26 will lead to increased policy support for new renewable energy developments and streamline routes to finance to make them happen.”