What does it mean to work from home for our team? #2

Since working from home, the Privilege team have had a real eye opener to the positive benefits made from home working. Within our latest blog we included some of the insights we have seen, both environmentally and personally. As we further develop and evolve our strategy, we thought we would take you on our development journey with us and hope that you will also embrace these positive impacts we have seen.

To date, Privilege Finance has invested over £500 million in renewable energy. As a company green energy is our passion and we have an aspiration for the UK to exceed its carbon reduction targets. With these ambitions, the way we work is shaping our thoughts for the future and the impact we can make by just changing our working habits.

In our latest post, we highlighted that as a team we’re reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than a tonne each week that we remain in lockdown. Today we thought we would share another benefit from #WfH

Improvements to quality of life

More time at home means the team are using the time to take control of their wellbeing, focusing on a healthy diet and making sure they’re getting enough exercise. The sunny weather has definitely helped motivate some team members to go out for that long-awaited run!

What’s more, by not having the daily commute the Privilege team can benefit from a better work-life balance. For example, there is more time to spend with family members, workout more regularly and enjoy hobbies. This can bring improvements to happiness and employee morale.

We have encouraged the team to get some fresh air on their lunch break if they can. Check out the image to see some of our walks! #LunchtimeWalk

Out of times of hardship, sacrifice and reflection comes fresh visions and new perspectives.

Stay Safe