Our 2020 vision

Last year ended on a high, with the launch of our Energy from Waste manifesto setting out our vision for how energy from waste can contribute to our collective response to the climate emergency.

As a business we’ve now stepped into the new decade ready to embrace the changes we’ll need to make to be carbon neutral by 2022. Our environmental mission statement, which is part of our manifesto, sets out our pledge. We believe it’s essential for everyone in the Privilege team to be involved with our response to the climate challenge. We’re also not underestimating the power of habit, which is why we have implemented the five Rs of sustainability across the business.

What are the five Rs of sustainability and how are we implementing them?


Cutting down on waste altogether is a great first step. If we’re not wasting things in the first place, there’s no need to dispose of it. Choosing to buy food which doesn’t come in unnecessary packaging can help with this.

In the office we only print if absolutely essential, to save on paper waste.


Transforming or upcycling can give that old, unwanted object a new lease of life. Diverting food waste from landfill to an AD plant is of course a way of repurposing waste for energy.

One of our most recent projects, Wardley Biogas, is now fully operational. It is converting food waste collected from all over the North East of England into biogas to heat homes and businesses.


Saying no to single-use or unnecessary items helps to eliminate waste.

We’ve ditched disposables wherever possible, so there’s no plastic cups next to the water fountains!


An item that can be reused is infinitely more useful than one that is only used once.

Most of the team have embraced reusable coffee cups to help keep them refreshed while on the road.


Following the guidelines for your local area is really important, as it helps ensure that the materials which enter the system can be successfully recycled.

Our waste is now collected by Ellgia Recycling, a waste management company which is aiming to send zero waste to landfill. We’ve also implemented small changes in the office, like removing bins at desks to increase recycling rates, and using only glass milk bottles which are easily recycled.


Adopting the five Rs is already proving a useful tool to help us reduce waste. It’s not a strategy just to chew over in the board room, everyone in the business is involved day-in-day-out, because living by what we believe is fundamental to our vision for the decade.

If you’ve got a climate pledge for the decade, let us know what you’re up to on LinkedIn. The more we talk about the steps we’re taking to respond to the climate emergency, the more others will realise there’s changes they can make too.